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Easy Skin [Removable Paint]

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  • Materialrubber

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Easy Skin [Removable Paint]


Easyskin is a multiple purpose rubber spray widely used as a fast drying rubber coating agent in various fields such as car, home appliance, electric and electronic product, industrial product, etc. and a peelable rubber paint easy to be removed when necessary

When using spray type of a wrap

1. Construction at the cost of 1/3 of that required when attaching common films for cars
2. Construction even by a beginner made directly by referring to the manual without a support from professional shop. (DIY product)
3. As it does not use any adhesive, it is easily removed with a hand after use without using a special remover and does not leave any adhesive mark behind after removal.


The product allows preventing of any scratches, cracks and other defects which may show up on the surfaces of any and all the riding things like cars, motorcycles, bicycles and etc. offering joy of owning the one and only color in the world. Particularly when leasing the automobiles


Unlike other paint, it can be removable anytime. Due to rubber base, it can prevent material from rust by water, moisture or other liquid. Able to insulation of Electrocity.



Aerosol 400ml/can, Gallon 2.8kg, Drum 160kg