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Peelable for shipsuilding

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  • MaterialRubber

[Hansung B.C.C. Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Peelable Paint for Shipbuilding
     (Gallon type)


Peelable Paint for Shipbuilding provides excellent features in preventing corrosion of raw material (Metal, Non-metal) processing surfaces and contamination of coated surfaces, and allows perfect protection of objects coated with its ease of peeling-off after coating.

▶ Protective Coating for Shipbuilding Industry

Peelable Paint for Shipbuilding is used in the variety of industries of shipbuilding, machinery, heavy industry and automobile for painting surface protection, e.g. for protective film of finished painting surfaces as coated on automobiles and ships and peeled off right before the deliveries to customers.

▶ Alternative to Corrosion Resistant Oil

For corrosion resistance of heavy construction equipments, machineries and molds the conventional corrosion resistant oils have been primarily used yet provided with disadvantages of short corrosion resisting period of 6 months and inconvenience incurred with peeling-off. As such, the rubber based Peelable Paint has been receiving highly sensational popularity in recent days.
Ex) Water Storage Tank of Barge Ship, Heavy Construction Equipments, Machines and others.

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Peelable for shipsuilding

Peelable for shipsuilding