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Vehicle underbody coating “ Undercoa ”
      (Aerosol, Gallon type)

The underbody of driving vehicles has to face certainly severe environment, particularly generating lots of noise, dust, heat and corrosion.
The Vehicle Underbody Coating Agent of HanSung BCC is provided to prevent all the above problems as a corrosion preventing paint specially manufactured for automobiles.

Purpose of Application

1. Firstly, the noise resistant effect.
2. Corrosion caused by calcium chloride prevented absolutely 100% and other polluting materials.
3. Underbody of vehicle protected from cracks and scratches.
4. Stability of vehicle enhanced with effect of reinforcing vehicle body steel plate.

Excellence of Product

1. Vehicle Underbody Coating Agent of Han Sung BCC is not hardened for its flexible rubber based product characteristics.
When executing the undercoating, applying the product of raw material "not solidly hardened" with the lapse of time is most critical. In the event of producing any fine cracks due to hardening of undercoating materials, the water or calcium chloride content soaked inside not vaporized through said cracks results in the severe corrosion right away. On the contrary of course, the outer appearance of thick undercoating looks quite normal. The core of underbody coating performance lies with how long the material can sustain its original flexible state not hardened for long period of time after application. The Vehicle Underbody Coating Agent of Han Sung BCC for being a rubber based product allows keeping soft state not hardened for long.

2. Long Durability and Weather Resistance
Vehicle Underbody Coating Agent of Han Sung BCC supports the powerful corrosion resistance with over 10 years of durability and weather resistance compatible quality level with corrosion resistant period of heavy duty corrosion resistant paint.

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